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Good to know!
The more PCs in the company you are reporting, the greater the reward you may get!

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Important things to know

  1. We understand security is vital. All information shared with BSA is kept private and confidential.
  2. Please share your contact details. If we can't contact you to follow up on your report, we can't give a reward.
  3. BSA reserves the right to determine whether and how to pursue your report.
  4. BSA is not obligated to provide you with information on the progress of any action taken as a result of your report.
  5. A reward will ONLY be paid in the event of a successful action against the company, followed by a successful civil settlement.
  6. For companies that do not meet the criteria for further enforcement or civil action, BSA may send a letter to the executives seeking legalization of the software. In such cases, rewards will NOT be paid.
  7. The amount of reward paid in any case, UP TO the maximum advertised, will be at the discretion of BSA.
    Factors affecting the amount of the reward include: the size of the company reported, the number of PCs with pirated or unlicensed software, the accuracy and completeness of your report, the level of assistance you are able to provide in following up on your report, the success of the action taken as a result of your report.